i stole this from jaydee and jaejae

5 Things you wish for:
1) to know what it is exactly God wants me to do
2) that i was healthy
3) that it was summer..or Christmas
4) for all of my friends (or even acquaintences..or anyone i ever come in contact with) would fall in love with Jesus Christ
5) a recording studio

5 Aspects of your immediate surroundings (colors, words or objects):
1) my dog barking at me to play fetch
2) there’s lots of beige in this room
3) the phone just rang
4) the air conditioner is being loud
5) i have lots of kleenex by me

5 Qualities you find admirable in friends:
1) commitment to their walk with Christ
2) compassion
3) laughing at stupid things like i do
4) similar musical tastes
5) not cussing.  uuugh cussing is so lame.

5 Places you would like to travel to:
1) nashville
2) disney world
3) denver for the last fif show
4) myrtle beach
5) new york city

5 People you care about: (in no order,  i love all of you)
1) my youth group
2) my church
3) my family
4) my school friends
5) my “other friends” (which is a lot of those reading this..you’re all the bomb)

5 Things you dislike:
1) when people are doing stupid things. (cussing. drinking. smoking.)
2) lots of sports
3) satan
4) homework
5) when people are mean and lame

5 Types of dwellings you would most want to live in:
1) house on the beach
2) in a big city
3) in a mansion with a concert venue in the backyard and a bowling alley and a playground and a pool and a recording studio
4) i dont know where else
5) um..i almost had to move to columbus.  but yay i didn’t.

5 Things people do that impress you:
1) living faithfully and boldly for God
2) singing really well
3)  playing an instrument really well
4) singing and playing an instrument really well at the same time
5) people that are good at art

5 Strong points you posess
1) my faith
2) my lack of obsession over dating girls
3) people say i should be a therapist because i guess i’m good at talking to people about their problems or something
4) my ability to laugh a lot? haha i dont know
5) girls always say “you’re not a guy you’re brandon”..but they say it’s a compliment. so i guess that’s a strong point. or something.

5 Things that you consider beautiful:
1) works of God
2) sunsets
3) the rocky mountains
4) snow
5) myself. hahah just kidding

5 Scents you like :
1) Christmas time
2) the beach
3) baking cookes
4) baking bread
5) chlorine

Ten CDs You Own & Love
1] everything by five iron frenzy
2] everything by switchfoot
3] both cds by the benjamin gate
4] bleach – again for the first time
5] further seems forever – how to start a fire
6] the juliana theory – emotion is dead
7] chris tomlin – not to us
8] blindside – silence
9] im starting to really like the newest larue cd
10] mae – destination:beautiful

now i’m going to name 10 tapes i’ve owned and loved in my childhood because i just got monster flashbacks. jeremy and i were the coolest kids ever and listened to these:
1] carman 
2] carman yo! kidz
3] sandi patty
4] michael w. smith
5] dc talk (God is doin a nu thang)
6] stephen curtis chapman
7] newsboys
8] audio adrenaline
9] psalty
10] gerbert

Ten Bands You Have Seen More Than Once In Concert:
oh mannn there are so many..ill try to pick 10..

1] five iron frenzy
2] switchfoot
3] the supertones
4] madison east
5] relient k
6] the benjamin gate..ahh adrienne is such a good singer
7] any band thats always at alive
8] ace troubleshooter
9] skillet
10] bleach

Five Bands You Want To See Really Badly!
1] blindside
2] further seems forever
3] the juliana theory
4] anberlin and mae..although i’ve heard they arent so great live
5] twothirtyeight. too bad they broke up.

Name All of the Places You Have Been Employed At:
1] yankee peddler
2] avondale elementary
3] …

Top 3 Dream Jobs:
1] a worship leader (not in a church..but yeah)
2] graphic designer
3] anything with Christian music

Five Stores You Could Spend A Million Dollars At:
1] berean. one cd costs about that much.
2] guitar center
3] best buy
4] borders
5] walmart


6 thoughts on “

  1. I love your background… kinda feels 3-D (if that makes sense).
    I like your first two places you’d like to travel too… I live in Nashville right now and I used to work at Disney World.   They’re great places! …I wanna go to the last Five Iron show too.
    I think Mae is great live.


  2. Hey kiddo! If you get that big mansion with a bowling alley and conert venue, i best get to come over….and also if you go to Nashville take me with you!!! I wanna go there so bad…..me and my love for country music woul dbe much satisfied! haha peave bro i love you!


  3. Why do I always read your dumb surveys?!  Perhaps you are addicted to filling them out, and I am addicted to reading them…  I have three things to say though, in response to your survey:#1: You are the best therapist ever!#2: You should definitely stop smelling chlorine…#3: “You are beautiful, no matter what they say…”
    Hahaha, I love ya Brando! 


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