okay so it’s 1:15am..i just got home from indiana.  and i still have homework to do..but that seems so unimportant at times like right now.

i’m not sure what it was tonight, but something happened.  the ride home we went in this back way so it was nothing but fields on both sides the entire way.  and i just layed down in the backseat and was able to have 5 1/2 hours of alone time with God..talking to Him, praying with Him, writing songs, listening to songs, just worshipping.  and it felt so good.  seriously SO GOOD.  and about a half hour before we got home.. this overwhelming feeling came over me out of nowhere.  my entire body was covered in chills…tears started bursting out of me..and i got, what i believe, was a vision from God.  something i’ve never really experienced before.. but i just saw myself playing this worship song..in this huge place..surrounded by people, and we were all worshipping…just people..everywhere..so joyful and passionate and the music was flowing out of me..and it was one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen..and then i just saw God. and He was hugging me..just hugging me and smiling.  it’s all i could see (it was pitch black in the car).. and it was the most calming yet powerful things i’ve ever experienced.  i really don’t know how to explain it, but wow.  I feel so filled up with Jesus right now that I can’t focus on anything else.  it was the clarification i’ve needed and had been praying for for so long.  and wow.  i dont know.  but wow. whatever i just said will never do justice to how i felt.

if anyone reading this has never felt God speaking to them..or doesn’t even know God, talk to me.  please.  ahh man.. i’m in such awe right now.

i was held up by doubts
i crashed into a wall
i was searching for answers
i was ready to fall
but then i remembered
Lord, how could i forget this day
when You spoke to my heart
when You showed me my way

and now that my fire has returned
feel free to ignite my heart. watch it burn.
in the shadow of Your amazing grace
You’ve showed me how to live..i’ve finally found my place
for the rest of all days
keep this fire ablaze

my one true desire
is to carry out Your will
i hear You calling
this empty life is Yours to fill
i’ll never know the price payed by You
Lord, living for You is the least i can do
proclaiming truth, stopping the Enemy’s deeds
You say Your power will crush him under my feet

And now that my fire has returned
feel free to ignite my heart. watch it burn.
in the shadow of Your amazing grace
You’ve showed me how to live. i’ve finally found my place
for the rest of all days
keep this fire ablaze.
oh Jesus, keep this fire ablaze

when i thought i was fine, You said You wanted more
now i don’t just want to fly..i’m ready to soar.

->hi, my name is brandon and i love You, Lord.


12 thoughts on “

  1. Brandon that is so amazing and I am so unbelievably happy for you. I know how you’ve said that you’ve watched me grow over this summer. But I have to say out of all the people that I’ve watched this summer, your walk w/ the Lord has been the most inspiring!! This may sound funny, but i’m so proud of you and all you’ve done over this summer and even these last few weeks. You truely have a heart for Jesus and an amazing will to fullfill his plans for you. I just pray you keep it up and I wish you the best of luck w/ this career in music. I hope i’m there to watch that grow too!! Can’t wait to see ya wednesday (haha)!!


  2. “when i thought i was fine, You said You wanted morenow i don’t just want to fly..i’m ready to soar.”
     wow brandon…when I read that last part, it like finalized it…it was the perfect ending….I was getting chills through the whole song and through your description of he vision you had…but when I read that last line, it almost made me cry, its like right when I read it, God’s spirit just pounced on me suddenly and filled me, giving me even more chills! Your song so was completely awesome!! I could tell God was just working through you and moving your pen to write those powerful words on that paper. oh man….wow, I’m speechless! seriously! I love that feeling when God reveals something to you, and its like so comforting and I dunno how to describe it, but its an amazing feeling! really, in a dream once I saw myself like in heaven running up to jesus and just giving him the biggest hug ever, and just crying and feeling so full of joy that I finally got to see my savior, his face, his smile….in real life! And I just wanted to sit down and talk for hours and hours…..I woke up in tears!! haha thats nothing compared to your vision…but it gave that overwhelming feeling of his presence just the same! I know I haven’t known you near as long as all these other people, but you have been such an encouragement and inspiration to me, both spiritually and musically…I am proud to call you my friend, and proud of you, for using all your gifts and talents for God, and yet sharing them with others and just having that willing heart to spread the joy of jesus! amen brotha’ keep it up! your in my prayers as always, and I can’t wait to hear your song….now that I’ve written you a novel ON A COMMENT LINK, I’ll let you go! God bless!




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