hi..umm..i don’t really have anything to say. but i felt like posting.  today was good, i got my showcase up at school for portfolio (thanks lisa and val for helping get it up!).  everyone go look at it.  the school’s open after 2.  go in the lobby, turn left, and it’s across from the “wall of fame”. 

i have a lot of homework. homework is lame.


->hi, my name is brandon and i wish it was the weekend.
listening to: mae


5 thoughts on “

  1. hey we havent talked in awhile. that makes me sad. get on msn and we can talk more because stupid resnet doesnt work right and no one can ever get their AIM to connect and its really annoying.
    okay bye!


  2. how’d the recording end up going? if you have your songs encoded as mp3s consider starting up an iuma or mp3.com page. that way people like me can hear some of them. later


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