whoa today went so fast.. i don’t know why, it just did.  i didn’t really do anything at all today at school.  i ate on the senior patio for the first time..it was so nice out.  the bees scare me though.  but it was nice.  i think someone broke into my showcase or something.. i found it unlocked after school today and the cd booklets inside were all messed up..hmmm. 

i went to an art cult meeting with val after school, got a monster 80s flashback, went home, met sarah and sarah, went back to school, showed them my showcase, went home again, went to walmart, got the number one gun cd (i’m in love), went to borders (i was really confused…it’s all multicolored and moved around now) and then i came home and slept for 3 hours.  now i’m just bored.  nothing to do.  at all.  ahhhhh.

->hi, my name is brandon and there’s a huge fly on my computer screen..ahhhhhh make it go awayyy
listening to: number one gun


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  1. hey….heres me leaving you a comment haha…sounds like you were just about as tired as me today…I slept for three hours too!! woohoo! It been forever since I’ve seen you guys….hopefully we’ll all be able to get together soon! tootles!


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