church today = whoa

it was just so nice.. my sister’s old roomate from anderson, who is right now recording a cd in nashville, did our service today and led worship and sang some of her own songs..and it was just amazing to me.  God was moving so much throughout our congregation.  i had tears during worship.  and i don’t get like that on sunday morning very much.  and yeah, it was just cool.  yay. 

i want to lead people to Jesus through His music. that’s all.

->hi, my name is brandon and my cough is almost gone.
listening to: number one gun

it’s conversations like this that make me happy in a 5th grade kinda way:

CaliGurl2316: yo doh
CaliGurl2316: dog
bschmidt777: haha
bschmidt777: play doh
CaliGurl2316: bahah
bschmidt777: yar har har
CaliGurl2316: baaaaa hahahaa
CaliGurl2316: hardy har har
bschmidt777: hahaha
CaliGurl2316: sorry im a little hyper
CaliGurl2316: haha
bschmidt777: its okay
bschmidt777: i am too
bschmidt777: two
bschmidt777: to
bschmidt777: tu
bschmidt777: tutu
bschmidt777: mumu
bschmidt777: pupu
CaliGurl2316: hahaha
CaliGurl2316: wow
bschmidt777: pupu platter
CaliGurl2316: hsahaha
CaliGurl2316: stop it philbert
bschmidt777: shut up richard
CaliGurl2316: hahah
CaliGurl2316: hefer
CaliGurl2316: and rocko
CaliGurl2316: the big head
CaliGurl2316: s
bschmidt777: hahaha
bschmidt777: it’s morphin time
bschmidt777: mighty morphin power walkers
CaliGurl2316: haha
CaliGurl2316: ahaha
bschmidt777: let’s bounce to the gin blossoms
bschmidt777: and metallica
bschmidt777: and jessie and the rippers
CaliGurl2316: the gin blossoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CaliGurl2316: haha
CaliGurl2316: with the light stick
CaliGurl2316: haha
bschmidt777: hahaha yep
CaliGurl2316: hahaha
CaliGurl2316: billy blanks
CaliGurl2316: if anyone saw this conversation they would think we were on drugs
CaliGurl2316: hjahah
bschmidt777: haha it’s going in the xanga


5 thoughts on “

  1. good to hear that it was a great service and that it touched you. number one gun.. actually im listening to them right now as well . sweet = )~annemarie


  2. your site is just .. so . pretty . good job . =)God is so amazing .it’s great to know that, through Christ, we’re all connected in one big family .may He bless the desires of your heart. – h e i d i –


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