sarah is making me a survey because i have no life.

RHYME TIME SURVEY!  I think the very first ever!


<pick your nose?> no
<pick your tv shows?> yes
<like watching dogs leap through hoops?> yes
<enjoy eating soggy fruit loops?> nooo
<filling out silly surveys?> yes
<Christmas vacation days?> yes!
<frolicking in fields?> you bet
<your oranges peeled?> uh huh

<brush your teeth?> when i get up..when i go to bed..and lots of times in between
<feel like a theif?> when i steal things..which i don’t..
<wax your car?> i wish i had a car
<go to bars?> to see bands play haha
<do your laundry?> when my clothes are dirty
<feel like you’re not free?> when i’m at school
<jump for joy?> when God answers prayer
<play with toys?> when i’m bored

<punny OR funny?> punny is funny
<fly on a plane OR play a board game?> play a board game for sure
<jump on a trampoline OR call the cops on teens?> calling the cops on teens is so amusing to watch (when you’re sitting in your back yard eating candy and watching a group of obnoxious kids in the park run from the cops after hours..hahaha)
<go shopping OR IHOP-ing?> both
<sing a song OR play ping pong?> sing a song
<go to a concert OR fall and get hurt?> concert!
<eat at taco bell OR show and tell?> taco bell definitely
<draw a picture OR or hook a fish lure?>  haha i’m drawing a picture right now actually

INFORMATION (we want to know who you really are!)
<first name?> brandon
<moment most lame?> wow, too many.. i donevenoh
<what your name would have been had you been the opposite sex?> katie or lindsay..hahaha
<what you’re going to do next?> go to bed
<last movie you saw?> pirates of the caribbean
<Are you a know it all?> nah
<where you grew up?> in this house
<had a fish, cat, or pup?> all three.. lots of fish, 2 cats, 3 dogs
<favorite subject in school?> art. it’s all i do.
<do you enjoy dancing like a fool?> skanking is fun
<favorite insturnment?> guitar and piano yay..i like listening to drums
<blacktop or cement?> cement

-my survey’s too bootylicious for ya babe-

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