yay today was a really good day.. i went to see you at the pole this morning.  it was nice.. i always get annoyed at the people that turn into the “see you at the pole christians” and randomly decide to show their faith one day out of the year.. i dunno.. but yeah.  school was good, we got attacked by bees during lunch and val got stung, and micah and jaye and lisa killed some, and i ran from them like the bee-fearing wuss that i am.

after school i played piano and guitar, fell asleep, woke up, went to church, painted our logo on the wall, and then we had youth.  there were like 8 new people tonight, so that was really cool.  i kinda wish i couldve gone to see you after the pole, but ah well.  my left arm is covered in white paint from when savannah attacked me.  everyone should come to trans4m next week at my church at 7pm.  im me at bschmidt777 if you want details..

i want to play more shows and worship services.  i miss it. 

->hi, my name is brandon and you is sweet like shooga and coacoa buttah. hahaha
listening to: chris tomlin

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  1. I agree with ya man about the “See you at the pole Christians”. These are the people who have a wardore full of Berean’s line of Christian T-shirts that talk the talk but don’t do anything to be bold or share their faith. (Not that there’s anything wrong with the shirts at Berean.) But yeah..I used to get so annoyed at people like that. I didn’t even attend SYATP in all of my years of HS because of people like that…instead I’d hang out with my non-christian friends because they were more real and honest about stuff in their lives. ha but yea..that was my rant of the day. 🙂 Have a great one man.
    -Evan Miller


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