i’ve decided to start saying mondo.  i don’t know why.  but maybe people will say it instead of uber.  because uber is dumb. haha

mmm yeah..today me and val and this other girl were in one of the art rooms..and i put my cd in so val could hear it..and the other girl was like “ah who is this??” and i was like “uh..me..” and she was like “NO WAY! i was gonna be like ‘man i wanna buy this cd who is it’..whats your bands name?” and i was like “uh..brandon schmidt. haha” and she was like “WHOA! like you play guitar??” and i was like “yep” and yeah, that was awkwardly funny.

andrew found a dead animal and made it attack me in the storage room.  and later he sat in a pool of water during the lockdown drill.. then i did devotions.

that was the extent of excitement in my day.

i got my hair cut.. it’s mondo short in the back.  well not really..but compared to what it used to be i guess.  i just said mondo.  and i’m talking about my hair. okay bye.

->hi, my name is brandon and i love you.
listening to: my guitar


3 thoughts on “

  1. No two people, are not on fire…aww.
    Haha…im dumb b/c i just put that in my xanga too. woot woot woot.
    lol i am in the library and the people sitting next to me prolly think im psycho b/c i just randomly started laughing at the thought of “Oh Brett! There you are. Thank you, you’ve filled out nicely too!” *WIERDED OUT* Haha. What’s her face’s face was hilarious. OH wow. Ok im losing it. Bye B-rock.


  2. 17 points for the usage of the word “mondo”!!! my favorite way to use it is before burger…as follows: whoa that was a mondo burger ________.
    only i usually go ahead and fill in the blank.
    have a beautiful day. <3<3<3


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