wow tonight was way fun.. val and i went to lisa’s..watched edward scissorhands with chad and her and her brother..then we went to the mall to meet people to go bowling..saw a cowboy..and jme, fallon, jaye, jj, katie, lauren, and a bunch of other people..and then tried to find everyone at starbucks, but had no luck.  so we just went to my church for overtime.  jj met us there later, and it was fun.  my dad brought home a digital camera for me to mess with and i took 53 pictures tonight. haha..i’ll post them soon.  i’m going to bed.  g’night.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m falling asleep.
listening to: copeland


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  1. aw..i wanted to come but then JJ said she was going home so Mike, Josh, Adam and me were going to go but then we wernt sure where it was and decided to just go to wallmart.


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