when i thought i was fine
You said You wanted more
and now i don’t want to fly
i’m ready to soar

hmm.. so youth put me in a thinking mood tonight.  this is my senior year.. this could be the last year i’m around here.  the last year i’ll see some of the people that i see regularly.  the last chance to do a lot of things that i haven’t.  and yeah.  i need to live like a Christian is supposed to.  i want to play more shows.  i want to lead more worship services.  i want to pray with more people.  i want to help more people.  i want to be a friend to more people.  i want to be a better example.  i want to show Jesus in me in everything i do.  i want to let God use me more than i ever imagined.  i can’t sit around anymore.  pray for me..

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m daring myself to move.
listening to: switchfoot


One thought on “

  1. uh-oh. you’re getting into THAT mindset…
    haha no, i just remember at the beginning of the year that happened to me too. my principal came in and started talking about graduation and stuff and i felt like it was this huge deal and whatnot…
    hahah the last day of school last year i was in mr tafolla’s junior history class and one of the girls was BAWLING. she was like “i cant believe were seniors! guys we did it!” its like.- no sorry- I’M the one graduating…not you.


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