i was a zombie today.. i came home…played guitar in the park …passed out on the couch …went to worship band practice…went to fazoli’s with zac and my family…came home and showed zac teen girl squad while we watched survivor..drew scary pictures…and then my cousins randomly came over and stayed forever.  we played with the remote while they tried to play nintendo and it was really funny.  they kept fighting each other and smacking each other ’cause they said when they made sudden movements the nintendo went out.

everyone needs to go into the “ut connection” next to fazolis and tell them that they don’t know how to spell “they’re”.  …like i made zac do tonight.  (it says “there back” instead of “theyre back”..)


cashier: can i help you?
zac: yes.
cashier: what can i do for you?
zac: i have a problem with your sign
cashier: oh really, what’s wrong?
zac: um..i just wanted to let you know that you can’t spell the world “theyre”.  it’s t-h-e-y-apostraphe-r-e.
cashier: yeah, our boss does that a lot
zac: okay..well..good.. bye

hahaha okay anyways.. tomorrow will be fun.  everyone go to the tailgate party for do not freeze at hoover before the game.  and then my church after the game. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i don’t like t.o.m.
listening to: blenderhead


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