Why is God so good to me? i don’t deserve it.  today He gave me another awesome day.. school went fast and i was wide awake.. and the poop rally actually made me happy.  then dustin came over..we played together some and it was just really cool.  then we went around with a video camera and harrassed people and sea gulls.  haha stupid crackhead seagulls.. then we met evan at the DNF tailgate thing..that was really cool too. jaydee came..then val and jaejae.. then jaydee and i went to the mall and met jaejae and val and sarahbellum..then we went to my church, took pictures, acted dumb, played kickball, knockout, spoons, and the likes.  i felt like a cool kid in 3rd grade.

but man..i dunno, just sitting here i can’t stop thinking about all the awesome things God has been doing in my life lately.  SOO GOOD. haha  just..yeah, i dunno.  i’m so excited as to what He’s gonna bring me to this year, i’m not sure of what it is exactly yet, but i know it will be amazing.  thank You Jesus.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m eating cheese potatoes at 2am.
listening to: spoken ..ahh evan this cd is awesome, thanks so much for getting it for me..


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  1. i wanna come to church! but i have not car so its hard. i wanted to go last night…i think Zac said that at 9 you guys had a thing but i had no ride. I promise i will come soon. Where is it…so that i know and whens the next youth group? thanks


  2. hey bradonater thanx for the comment, I really needed a laugh today…its been a sad one…so pray for me! sounds like youth is going good for you guys though! after while brando style!


  3. Thanks for the kind comments man. It means alot…on another note…have you started that book any at all? Let me know what you think. 🙂


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