brandon’s sad story of the day..

so my dad drops me off at school on the way to work.  all my stuff is in the backseat that isn’t in my bookbag.  i take a few steps away from the car, realize i forgot the stuff in the back seat.  i turn around and my dad’s driving away.  i chase him going “noooo wait!”  he circles around, i get to the other side of the parking lot, try to wave him down, and he drives right past me.  so i was unprepared for pretty much every class today.  oh well.  i didn’t feel well either.. i guess we have those days every once in a while though.  dustin came over after school and we got to jam around and that made it better..and now i’m gonna go play piano.  happy monday..

->hi, my name is brandon and it’s cold outside.
listening to: twothirtyeight


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  1. aww – i had a good day today cuz i got a bunch of good grades back…and i dont know how i got them…because i didn’t try at all.

    thanks for the comment – i bet your pictures are hott..i want to see them!! and i want one….!


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