i take that back.. i dont know why i feel like i’ve been going through this weird rollercoaster the past couple days, but i think God is just leading me through a lot right now..and just telling me so much.  and it’s making me weary inside.. one little thing totally changes it all.  i’ve been talking to people about me dropping the art thing and picking up ministry and music.  everyone agrees it’s what i’m supposed to do..so yay.  Jesus, keep on speaking to me. i feel so anxious or something for all that He’s gonna do, starting right now.  keep me in your prayers.  ah i’m excited.  I’m so ready.  go go go. i don’t want to sit around any longer.. God’s pulling at me hard to do something.  i think it’s time.  for something.  just something. here we go..

 i need to watch teen girl squad now.


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  1. i’m praying for you.
    and i feel like God’s pulling on me to do something too. but i don’t know what that something is just yet. so you’re blessed to know what you’re called to do. don’t back down. God will do great things with you if you just keep trusting in Him.


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