it snowed today.  what the heck..

i don’t have anything else to say.  i’m really cold. leave me comments and tell me you love me. haha

and pray for me.  ive been feeling so confused or on edge or..something.. i don’t know.  but God’s in control, and i’m so excited for what He has planned for me, and what He’s had planned for me way before i ever existed.

listening to: silence


6 thoughts on “

  1. what?! you’re sad that it snowed?!?  come on…you live for the Christmas season….where’s that spirit…come on let’s hear it!!!!  umm ok..yeah, it is the beginning of October and it shouldn’t be snowing.
    I LOVE YOU!!  but not as much as cheese.  sorry man, you just can’t cut the cake, or is it don’t?  or whatever that means.


  2. SNOW……….oh my yes i saw it……please make it go away………i’m gonna be cold on saturday when i go outside in a dress……..BARF! haha i love you kiddo!


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