things are good again.  I love You, Lord.  You’re always there, and You always pick me up when i fall down no matter what. thank You.

today was a good was okay, i had to kind’ve had to play by ear along with the music since i wasn’t at practice.  but it turned out okay.  my parents and i went to fazolis..i got sick from the “all you care to eat” pizza and pasta.  i came home, painted, filled out some applications, and then terry and dustin came and picked me up.  we went to the mall to give JJ her ticket..dustin hid in a trash can cover..and then we went to wendy’s.  dustin had to leave pretty soon.. but it was cool getting to catch up with terry some, i miss that kid.  then dustin came back and introduced us to allison..we checked for mafia man (wasn’t there) and i came home.  i just rambled for a long time about stuff that i’m sure close to none of you care about.  sorry.  i have to go read for english now.  zippadeedoodah!

->hi, my name is brandon and my hands are cold.
listening to: blindside, “cute boring love”


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