hi.. i don’t really have anything to write, but i feel like writing.  things are going ok.  i feel like i’ve been living in a bubble or something..not sure why.  hopefully it pops soon, haha. i hung out with sarah and kelley and nate tonight, that was fun.  on the way to meet kelley and nate, sarah and i stopped at my school to leave a note on jd’s car.  some kids were humping it and we yelled at them.  (his car has a no humping sign..)  at borders i tried to cover the boobs in the magazines again but there were too many and i got overwhelmed..not to mention the weird looks.  and there was no mafia man.  we went to dennys.. i got free cheese fries.  and now i reek of smoke…ack.  i ripped my clothes off and changed as soon as i got home.  tomorrow should be fun..i think i get to hang out some with terrance, and i havent seen him since like the middle of the summer.  i’m excited for church too. so yeah..i don’t really have anything else to say. haha i’m sorry this post was so dumb.  goodnight!

->hi, my name is brandon and last night i got redvines and a mullet wig as a present from jexx and carrie
listening to: snl


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