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  1. sorry that you’re sad.. be happy :]   i just thought it was crazy, as i stumbled across your page, that (whoa!) i know a brandon schmidt.  but i don’t think you’re the same one.  isn’t that crazy?  crazy.


  2. depressed? how can you be! the next few months are the most foun of the year! you got the autumn leaves to jump and play in! then halloween is awlways fun! then while you wait for turkey day you cna make yourself sick on candy from that last day of October! then of course the Christmas season is not too far off! And its hard NOT to be happy when you understand what it’s really about! So drink some warm cidar, go on a hay ride! its fall and its fun! and there is so much to look forward to in the near future!


  3. Awww, Brando!  Don’t be sad!  When you’re sad, it makes me sad, and when I’m sad…  Idonevenoh… I guess I’m just sad!  Haha, I’m dumb too… But not because I’m sad…  Idonevenoh!  Anyway, be happy, and let me know what’s the matter!  Talk to you later…  Bye!


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