haha look at my dog… (left)

hi everybody..  i should be in bed since the s.a.t.’s are in several hours..but i’m not tired at all.  so i decided to write about my night.  i went to cleveland to see madison east and copeland play at peabodys.. and it was a lot of fun.  i went up with val and evan and dustin and allison .. and then got to see a ton of friends up there too.  so that was good.  (it was fun seeing all of you..) madison east wanted me to videotape them, so i did.. and i hope it turned out okay.  haha i’m so bad at it.  madison east played really well though, like always.  terry spilled his water and it was dark and i sat right in the puddle on stage while i was taping..and so my butt was completely soaked.  dustin and i tried drying it off in the bathroom, but the dryer was like 8 feet off the ground, so that didn’t work.. so i got some napkins and did the best i could.  it’s dry now at least. oh and this band was playing in the pirates cove..and the drummer definitely looked like a pirate..and i was amused.  and then i finally got to see copeland play.. and ohhhhh man.  i was like dumbfounded.  they were SO GOOD.  like..so grood.  i mean good. and great. great and good.  and yeah, it was fun.  then we went to taco bell.  everyone was wearing white shirts and khaki pants.  actually..2 people.  but it was weird.  man i have to get to sleep.  s.a.t.’s are no good.

->hi, my name is brandon and evan is cool because he gave me the new bleach cd.
listening to : bleach


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