ahh this has been the best weekend i’ve had in so long.  from friday night..which i already wrote about.. to saturday.. i took the s.a.t., then later hung out with jaydee and nate and kelley and stephanie and sarah and andrew and hannah..ate at ihop..did boob patrol at borders and found some nice calendars.. watched people pick up fake 20 dolalr bills at the mall and starbucks.. and i think that’s it. yay

then this morning at church, this guy paul gerra did a concert in the service.. and they asked me to play one of my songs before he did, and then to help him lead some at the end.. and i did, and it was cool.  everyone in his group, one by one, told me they felt led to tell me how they could just see God working inside of me as i played..and how they could see just how talented and spiritually gifted that i was and that music’s where God’s placed me, and that i need to dive right in.  so that was cool..and all these people at church that i don’t even really talk to kept coming up.  and so yeah…yay.  i wanna do something.  band perhaps? sounds good to me.  i just need for His path to be shown..and i’m ready to go. 

then i went to the northeast ohio youth rally at sluggers and putters.. that was fun seeing all my friends from the trips i went on this summer and hanging out with some of my youth group.  zac found a turtle in the golf course and named him spanky..and i watched him get stepped on..it was sad.  jexx and carrie and i also witnessed this girl get violently attacked with a plastic bottle in the face. annnnd then i left early since jaydee and dustin were coming.  but dustin ended up running late so jaydee and i posted stupid things on xangas and watched homestar runner until dustin came..and then we were off.  and man.  the show was so much fun.  just getting to see everyone that i did.. (jaydee, dustin, terry, jeremy, kt, megan, jme, fallon, evan, andy, john, , hannah, jaye, cori, the other megan, whitney, tia, kerra, nicole, and i know the list goes on but i cant think right now.)  bleach is such a good band..i love them very much.  and fif.  such mixed feelings.. i was a little farther back and i pretty much just got to stand and watch them and take in everything, which was good.. haha so many memories were flashing back to me..just realizing what an impact this band actually had on me growing up. and wow the videos along with the songs pretty much had me and dustin peeing our pants.  and man.  the song “every new day”, which has been my favorite since before 8th grade.. hearing it the last time live was just..man.  i had tears from the first chords.  not because i was sad that it was the last time..but just letting God take over me and focusing on every word of that song was like..whoa.  ah..im so sad.  but so happy for the ways God used those 8 people and is continuing to do.  so long, fif.

this has been really long..thanks again to everyone that i got to see this weekend for making it so good..and thank You Jesus.  You rock my life.

->hi, my name is brandon and i have to go paint..ahhh.
listening to : bleach


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