You will live in an Apartment.
You will drive an orange schoolbus.
You will marry oprah winfrey and have 9 kids.
You will be an acrobat in canada.

this weekend was grood.  i mean good.  and great. great and good.  friday night i went out with my family since adam and bekkah were here for the weekend..and then i went to the mall..and then to church.  we had a bonfire and played sardines forever and i had barrells of fun, lemme tell ya.  saturday i woke up and went to put flyers on windshields for my church’s fall fest with jexx and carrie to make money for nashville…and this other girl that was doing the same thing got yelled at..and so jexx and carrie were like “HIDE THE FLYERS AND RUN!!!” and so we did and drove away (while hundreds of our flyers were spread out across the parking lot).  then we went to fazoli’s..then i went to church for practice.. then i went and got my senior picture proofs (which actually turned out okay).  annnd then that night i hung out with jaydee and k-tia and hannah. we went to the scared by middle aged ladies dressed as ghosts line dancing and kids with we went to the mall and played in kb and stuff.  then we went to borders and stalked mafia man (i’m seriously like paparazzi..) and then we read books about poop and puberty..and then followed mafia man to his car..then mafia man followed us in his car.  and then we went to play supermarket sweep  at giant eagle..but it didn’t work out.  and yeah.  sunday was church..and that’s about it.  today i stayed home from school.  but i’m feeling better.  now i need to go paint.  i’ve been trying to write music all day and it’s not working.  that’s so aggrivating.  

i just reread what i wrote and i got a headache.  sorry.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m happy.
listening to: cool hand luke, “so shall it be”  (amaaaaazing song.)


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