yay another survey.. you know you wanna read it.  oh yes, you do.

name 4 bad habits you have:
1. sitting back and letting opportunities go
2. procrastinating
3. not standing up for myself
4. filling out surveys
name 4 things you wish you had:
1. God’s plan figured out (i’m learning to be patient.)
2. an electric gee-tar
3. a keyboard
4. a new computer
name 2 scents you love:
1. baking cookies
2. chlorine…yeah, i’m weird
name 4 things you love about your crush:
1. mmm if i had one this would be easier to answer
2. yep
3. yep
4. yep
name 4 things you are thinking about:
1. music
2. sunday morning.. i’m leading the service for the first time
3. whatever i’m talking to people about right now
4. this week needs to hurry up
name 4 things you’ve done today:
1. took a shower
2. went to school
3. went to bible study
4. played piano
name the last 4 things you bought:
1. tacoes
2. tacoes
3. tacoes
4. tacoes.. haha seriously the last four times i’ve bought something has been at taco bell
name 4 drinks you regularly drink:
1. sunny delight
2. grape juice
3. cherry coke
4. water

first grade teacher’s name: miss schaaf
last words you said: “get out of the cupboards!!” (to my dog haha)
last song you sang: mmm this one that dustin and i were working on last week..it doesnt have a name
last thing you laughed at: mikkele telling me about her gigantic hanson posters
last time you said ‘i love you’ and meant it: today
last time you cried: mmm not sure
what’s in your cd player right now? cool hand luke
what color socks are you wearing? white and gray
what’s under your bed? random stuff..i donevenoh
what time did you wake up today? 5:40
current taste? cherry 7-up
current hair? same as usual
current clothes? jeans and my “i am not famous” t-shirt
current annoyance? school
current longing? to do what Jesus wants me to do
current desktop picture? five iron frenzy
current worry? school
current hate? school
current favorite physical feature of the opposite sex? eyes
last cd you bought: i believe it was number one gun
favorite place to be: anywhere with my friends
least favorite place to be: school
time you wake up in the morning: around 6
if you could speak any language: i like english
how old do you want to be when you get married: whenever..not like old old though haha
how many kids do you want: i donevenoh
where will you want to live: i donevenoh
what do you want to do after college: whatever God wants..which i’m pretty sure is music ministry
how many people on your buddy list that you DONT know in person: hmm…like 10.  but i only really talk to one of them. haha
favorite memory: either childhood..being with friends..or being on stage
what are you doing tonight: homework

1.First Name: brandon
2. Middle Name: james
3. Last Name: schmidt
5. Hair Color: dark brown
5. Hair Style: umm..shaggy-ish..? i dont know
6. Eye Color: hazel
7. Height: 6’2″
8. Location: massillon/canton/jackson
9. Birthday: july 26, 1985
10. Zodiac Sign: leo
11. Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?: nope
13. Do you have a crush?: nope
15. Favorite Animal:
16. Favorite Sport: hmm..lets go with baseball. or kickball. hah
17. Favorite Color(s): red..or blue..
18. Favorite Friend/Friends: i dont have a favorite.  they all rock my socks.
19. Favorite Online Friend/Friends: i prefer to say “distant friend”. but mikkele’s the only one.
21. Favorite Song/Songs: “every new day”, fif
22. Favorite movie quote: “WEVE LANDED ON THE MOOOOON!”
24. Favorite Store: borders
25. Favorite Feeling: joy
26. Favorite Shoe: my brown ones
27. Favorite Scent: mmm deja vu
28. Do you wear make-up?: no
31. In a girl/guy, do you want more personality or looks?: personality.
32. What kind of personality do you like in a girl/boy? a passion for Jesus.. kindness..humor..interest in music..and yeah moving on
33. Do you move fast or slow with a girl/guy?: i’d say slow..but not like i have much experience in the more-than-friendship department
34. What is your idea of the perfect girl/guy?: stop asking about thissss
35. Would you ever ask a girl/boy out?: if i wanted to
38. Do you prefer blondes or brunettes: whatever
45. What is the first thing u notice about girls/boys?:
their actions
46. Whens the last time u cried?: i don’t know
48. What do u want to be when u grow up?: whatever God has planned for me to be..I want to be doing something in music for Him. that’s all.
49. Do u sleep w/ stuffed animals?: no
50. Do you want children?: i think so
52: How “far” have you gotten?: not more than friendship
53: Do you like someone right now? not really
54: Do they know?: no
1: Do you have a best friend?
: i don’t think i could pick out one to be the best because too many are way awesome to me
2: Whos is your best friend?: i would say jason took the spot..but i have too many other good friends, i dunno.
3: Who do you e-mail the most?: hmm..i don’t really email that much really.
4: Who is the meanest?: i don’t like being friends with mean people. haha
5: Who’s the loudest?: sarah d or allison

Within the last 24 hours, have you…
1: Had a serious talk?:
2. Hugged someone?: yep
3: Get along well with your parents?: yep
4: Fought with a friend?: nope
5. Kissed someone? nope
6. written a letter:? nope
7. told someone you loved them? yep
8. cried? nope
9 saw a movie:? nope
10. used the phone? yep

Do you like to…
1: Give hugs?:
2: Give back rubs?: not so much haha
3: Take walks in the rain?: as long as my glasses aren’t on..and it’s not freezing
4: You ever have that falling dream?: i used to get them soooo much when i was little.  i even made a painting about them last year.
5: What color is your floor/carpet in your room? wooden tile
6: When you chew gum, what kind?: i don’t like gum
7: Do you use chapstick? nope
8: How do you plan on spending the summer?: i’m going to alive..and nashville for a week…and hopefully helping with youth choir for a week. i dont know. i need a job.
Did You Ever
1. Drink?:
2. Smoke?: no.
3. Do drugs?: no.
4. Have sex?:  no.
5. Make Out?:  no.
6. Go on a date?: haha it depends on who you ask
8. Go to the movies?: yes
9. Go to the mall?: yes
10. Eaten an entire box of Oreos?:  nope
11. Eaten sushi?: nope
12. Been on stage?: yes..yay
13. Been dumped?: no
14. Had someone be unfaithful to you?: possibly
15. Watched the smurfs?: ahh i miss the smurfs
16. Hiked a mountain?: i think so
17. Made homemade cookies?: yep
18. Been in love?: hmm.. nope
19. Seen the White House?: nope

More Stuff
1. Are you popular?:
it depends in what area you mean
2. Are you cute?: no
3. Do you have your own phone line?: no
4. What is your fav word to say?: grood
5. What is your fav phrase to say?: ..hmm i dunno. anything from homestar
What is it right now
1. What time?
: 4:44pm
2. What are you doing right now?: filling out a survey..talking to people..playing guitar
3. What are you wearing? see above
4.What color are your nails?: if we were going with crayola colors..i’d say apricot. haha


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