do you guys like the new look..?

whoa i haven’t written in a while..sorry.  um…i’ll try to recap but i don’t know if my mind can remember it all.  friday i hung out with jaydee and hannananahah and kelley and nate and sara s and k.tea…it was fun…we played supermarket sweep.  the girls cheated.  and i got annoyed by a monstrous group of jackson kids at taco bell.  it was awkward..nobody acknowledged me.  even though i thought i was friends with some of ’em.  i guess i could’ve talked to them too though.  maybe told them to not go get wasted after they finished their tacoes. high school is dumb.  saturday i was at church all morning setting up for the fall fest.  then the zac attack came over and we watched tv for a couple hours.. then i went back for the fall fest, and painted faces for little kids..haha this one kid wanted i tried..and it looked like strongbad.  haha poor kid..  sunday i got to lead the whole service’s music for the first time since i got put into the worship leader rotation, so that was fun.  and yeah.  it was a grood weekend.  the rest of sunday and monday consisted of homework.  that’s about it.  i’m trying to keep this short. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i have 400 pages to read for english tonight. 
listening to: blindside – cute boring love


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