Jesus, I love You.  thank You.

youth was grood tonight…i felt kinda thrown together with the music and the volumes got really messed up..but i think it was fine. hanannaanahah visited too.  and we played the “honey i love you game” and i didn’t laugh (if you know know that just doesn’t come easily..) ..and it was good seeing my youth group friends.  for some reason i missed ’em this week.  afterwards i went to taco bell with jaydee and hannah and sarah d (who got lost or something, haha) and saw a big whopping amount of people there.  so was good seeing everyone there too.  this post had no relevance to anything, but i felt like writing.  everybody go to dustin’s xanga and look at america’s next supermodel in the background…but be careful..he/she might come after you.

->hi, my name is brandon and my dog just peed. beside me.
listening to: bleach


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