hey guys…you can all help me out a ton if you want.. for my ap portfolio class, we’re focusing on things for our portfolio concentrations and part of it is finding out who we are when viewed by other people.. and so i’m supposed to ask my friends.  so if you haven’t already..or even if you have.. could you just write out like my personality traits..what makes me uncomfortable, what makes me laugh, what makes me mad, what makes me excited, what i act like, what i look like, etc.  wow if you do i’ll love you forever.  if you don’t wanna post it on here, just IM it to me (bschmidt777).  aright thanks.

also…tonight my youth group has 40 kids going to judgement house..and theres a lot of them that aren’t saved..and it would be pretty amazing to see some new Christians after tonight’s done.  so just pray for them tonight if you could.  thanks again.

->hi, my name is brandon and it’s really nice outside.
listening to: switchfoot


5 thoughts on “

  1. you look so in depth in your photo to the right. i bet you were thinking ways to transpire a significant poem to help from life’s threatening and harrowing fears. this gut wretching flame to burn in a powerless rainbow strikes me with gold to say brandy schmidt you are truely emo.
    i would have to say you are emo and like guns way too much. haha


  2. hmmmm…where do I begin brando commando. Well first of all you have a heart of gold and a heart after God’s will. Your a realy strong christian (I look up to you…literally haha). Anyways, You have amazing gifts that God has given you like art, and music and you use them for God (which is the important part). Your very funny…hehe you nevr cease to make me laugh by all your goofy sayings and how you chase mullets and I don’t know, your just a funny guy all together. I know that stupid things like people drinking and smoking and just all the really dumb stuff that people do sometimes makes you mad, that and satan. other than that i seems like you hardly get mad at all. haha I’m not sure what else to say, I don’t know you as well as others do…..but your a good friend and I hope this helped hehe…later gator!katir


  3. personality traits: funny, outgoing, great singer haha, caring, always willing to share your faith, an inspiration, great sense of humor, there’s more i just can’t think makes you uncomfortable: people touching u alot, werid situations, when people burp lol, when people snap their fingers, hum…. i know there’s more of these too lolmakes u laugh: everything!!!!! zac, teen girl sqaud, jaydee lolmakes u mad: people that think they’re better than everyone, hypocrites, people who do stupid things like cussing, drinking, and drugs for no reason, not knowing what your gonna do or where you’re gonna go in the next year or so (more of a frustration)makes u excited: mullets, teen girl squad, chicken finger baskets haha, when God lets u know what he wants for u, your music, your art, and youth activities!!! yaywhat you act like: a crazy christian kid!!! (crazy in a good way haha)what u look like:… um i don’t know? u look like you. your original and don’t care about what other people think, b/c it doesn’t matter and u have awesome friends anyway lol.sorry this didn’t work last night, hope u still get it in time to help!!!


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