weekends like these bring me to my knees in awe of the joy that God brings me. i love my friends. i love my family. i love my church. i love what God’s doing in my life and where it’s headed and how new every day really is.  here are my highlights..

-going with jeremy and val and lisa to the mall
-running into k.tea and maygun
-going to the show
-seeing madison east…those guys float my boat
-seeing jaydee and kelley and nate and sara and jaye and jme and jessi and ashley and all these friends at the show that seriously just make me happy like whoa..
-being so eLmo. hahah
-having a 1991 dance party in the parking lot to old school dc talk.  with everyone knowing the words.  and having it blast out of latoya (megan’s station wagon’s ‘hood-name)..
-destinys child and dc talk and Christmas music in the car with larry da gangsta and jermboree and lisaG

-writing out everything that’s been going on inside to my parents since i didn’t really know how to put it into words..and having them be totally overjoyed and supportive of me now.
-going out with sarahD and val and hannahanah and visiting jae.jae and and meeting up with jaydee and his friends
-poop books and eLmo french fries
-artificial boom boxes and milk shakes
-my huge ghetto digital camera (i’ll try to put up pictures later)

-having an amaaaazing service at church
getting a senior pastor at my church!!!!!! i am so happy.  finally.  God is ready to have my church take off.  yayayayayy. finally.  most of you don’t know the situation, so i’m not gonna get into it..  but this is such an awesome time for my church right now.  God is working so much and doing so many amazing things.  tears of joy were aflowing for sure this morning.

the weather makes everything that much happier.  it feels like summertime, and it’s november. 

Lord, You amaze me daily.

->hi, my name is brandon and i want to jump in the leaves.
listening to: the w’s.  haha this brings back so many memories.. “YOU ARE THE DEVIL AND YOU ARE BAD!”


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  1. ohhh, guess what i forgot to tell you?  I visited jeremy halstead and totally suprised him and that was so cool…i guess rhonda and jordan and justin aren’t down there yet, but they’re visiting next week, so I’m going to suprise THEM and it’s going to be so cool…k…later!


  2. you know what makes me sad? the fact that i didnt get to visit you.
    so that sounds like a fantastic weekend and i wish i could say the same for mine- i mean it wasnt bad or anything but you know.
    i wish i had a car.
    someone is sleeping on our floor tonight.


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