1.) Name: brandon james schmidt
2.) Birth date: july 26, 1985
3.) Zodiac: mmm leo i think
4.) Nationality: i have british and german in me
5.) What time is it? 2:47PM
6) Are you sensitive: i think so..or i’m told i can be
7.) Called you: lisa
8.) Saw you cry: i really dont know
9.) Made you cry: Jesus
10.) You went to the mall with: val and lisa
11.) Yelled at you: hmmmm…i dont know

————HAVE YOU EVER?——————-
12.) Taken a picture of yourself with a milk moustache and sent it to the milk company? mmm no.
13.) Said “i love u” and meant it: haha i do all the time
14.) Gotten into a fight with your Dog/Cat?: this morning i did actually..my dog hates me when other people are around.
15.) Been to New York?: no, but i wanna go..i love big cities
16.) Been to Florida?: yep
17.) California?: i wish
18.) Hawaii?: nope
19.) Mexico?: nope
20.) Canada?: yep
21.) Danced Naked: i used to run around the house every night doing it when i was little..haha
22.) Had a dream about something really crazy,then it happens the next day: yeah, i cant think of any examples though
23.) Stalked someone?: nah..i get stalked a lot though
24.) Had a mud bath?: nope
25.) Wished you were the opposite sex?: haha i’ve wondered about it before..but when i think about pregnancies and..other things..i get happy i’m a male.
26.) What time is it now? 2:54pm
———–WhIcH wOuLd yOu pReFeR———-
27.) apples or bananas?: bananas
28.) Blue or red: red
29.) Backstreet boys or nsync?: plus onnneeenenez loLLL
30.) Walmart or Target?  it depends
31.) Spring or Fall? fall
32.) Santa or Rudolph?: oh my…Christmas is coming fast.
33.) what r u gonna do after this?: paint
34.) what was the last meal you ate?: i just ate a tv dinner a little bit ago..
35.)high school or college: i’m assuming college will be better
36.) Are you bored? nah
37.) how many of your buddies are online?: 35
38.) Last movie you saw?: panic room
39.) Last smell you smelled: chicken

40.) Laughs the weirdest?: jexx..hahaha
41.) Who have you known the longest: probably sarah m
42.) Loudest?: allison
43.) Is the quietest: i donevenoh
44.) Will fill this out and send it back the soonest?: um..im not sending this to anyone. 
45.) Who is the funniest?: i don’t have one friend who can’t make me laugh
46.) Who is the moodiest?: everyone has their moments
47.) biggest player?: jason. hahah
48.) Who do you usually go to about all of your problems: recently? God, my family, my friends.  i dont really know who else i’d go to..but yeah.. there are lots of people i look up to
49.) Things you like in a (Guy)/Girl)?: Christianity..striving to live like we’re supposed to…maturity..stupid sense of humor..good taste in music
50.) Do you have a bf/gf?: nope

51.) Do Dreams tell the future?: hmm maybe
52.) Has a dream ever told your future?: i think
53.) What book are you reading now?: the Bible
54.) Nicknames: brando, shkamidit, b-rock, brandy, brandon branderson
55.)  hair color: brown
56.) Height: 6’2″
57.) Pets: a weiner dog named oscar mayer with no bladder control
58.) Siblings: jennifer, adam, jonathan(inlaw), bekkah(inlaw)
59.) Been so drunk you didn’t remember that you were drunk: drinking is so dumb. no.
60.) Taken any illegal substances: no.
61.) Gone out in public in your pajamas?: yeah
62.)  skipped school b/c it was raining: i wish
63.) Set any body part on fire for amusement: haha nope
64.) Wanted to hook up with a friend? eh..not so much
65.) Cried during a movie?: when i was little i didn’t like bambi
66.) Had a crush on a teacher: that’s gross
67.) Ever thought an animated character was cute?: haha nope
68.) at anytime owned new kids on the block stuff:  i used to have their trading cards.
69.) Planned your week based on the TV Guide: i used to when i was younger
70.) Prank called someone: no but i call people accidentally a lot
71.) Shampoo: whatever my mom buys
72.) Day or night: depends
73.) Summer/Winter: summer and Christmas.
74.) Lace or satin: stupid
75.) Cartoon Character: strongbad
————-IN THE LAST 2 WEEKS ————–
76.) Cried: i don’t know
77.) Cut your hair: yeah
78.) Worn a skirt: no..but this guy at the show last night did..and it confused me.
79.) Been mean?: unfortunately..yes
80.) Been sarcastic: I’M NEVER SARCASTIC.
81.) Talked to someone you had a crush on: not so much
82.) Hugged someone:  yeah..a lot actually
83.) Wished on a star:  haha nope


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