the christmas decorations are up at the mall and the strip.  do you realize how happy this makes me?

so yesterday my parents actually let me out of the house.. and i went to the show with val and lisa.. and we got there at 7, thinking it was about to start, and these people gave us really weird looks and said it didn’t start for 2 hours.  so we felt awkward.. then went to visit nate, then went to the mall..and then back to the show.  it seemed like there were a ton of people there compared to usual.  it went until way late.  but it was fun seeing everybody that was there.  i hit my head reeeally hard when i got a drink and i fell on the floor while getting laughed at.  there were 2 guys there that each did their own acoustic sets.  and i know how it is to do that at a show, so i wanted to be supportive.  but the first one was…interesting..and i felt bad for him.. and the second sounded like the calling’s singer singing to dashboard confessional’s music…and he played for a really long time.  he was good though.  i dunno.  i’m rambling.  kt and patty get the award for best sing-alongs though.  

ahh i dont even know what im typing anymore..i need to go blow my nose. 

->hi, my name is brandon and snot is my enemy.
listening to: plankeye


3 thoughts on “

  1. it’s a scarebrandon.  we put one in front of the house to keep you from eating the pumpkins.. and shrubbery.  and we post one online just to keep you in check. 
    my camera heard you.  better watch out.  


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