mmm i have the urge to write with nothing to say.  it seems like i get this a lot.  this weekend was nice.  after friday night i’ve just been relaxing and trying to get healthy again.  i think it’s working.  today i didn’t go to church since my head was a brick of snot.. but i got up and had my own church..then my parents picked me up and we went to the winking lizard.  my chicken was kinda gross.  ah well.  i have to get to church for a meeting about the nashville trip this summer.  i’m ohhhh-so excited.  nashville seems like my kinda place.

pleeease keep me in your prayers, lots of different things need to be sorted out in my head. (college plans, etc.)  i think i’m on the right track, but i just need some more confirmation.  thankya.

[all that’s in my head is in Your hands.]

->hi, my name is brandon and i miss the ability to breathe through my nose.
listening to: switchfoot – the legend of chin


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