i remember when i could breathe through my nose.  that was nice.  today i finally went to school again.. i felt like an idiot in english today.  i got a lot done in drawing.  i wrote a paper for portfolio during spanish.  i typed the paper during studyhall, then went and passed notes with lisa since the library lost its talking privileges (i’m only in 3rd grade i guess).. then i ate lunch..then i sat through critiques for hours upon hours..and then i took government notes.  and here i am.  i’m really bored.  does anybody wanna go to the village this week?  because i do.

man my posts have been so lame lately.  i’m sorry.

->hi, my name is brandon and cheez-its are good.
listening to: buddy ruckus


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  1. hey friend sorry about the song thing i wasn’t thinking… this isn’t actually shiftette.. this is ywskmgr4l (kelli) cuz she had asked me to make her a new banner and so i just fixed it for you(song is gone)and gave her a new new one… hav a great day!


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