First best friend: allison, my old next door neighbor
First real memory of something: crying on the merry go round at the museum
First date: yet to experience an official date
First meaningful kiss: yet to experience a meaningful kiss..yeah, i know..but hopefully someday it’ll make that certain person feel special
First break-up: never broke up..First Job: lemonade stand hah
First screen name: supertone27 ..hahaha
First self-purchased album: audio adrenaline – bloom
First funeral: my grandpa’s
First pet: fish..and this cat molly that hated me ’cause i terrorized it
First credit card: nope
First true love: yet to find her.  but i do know the kind of true love that is showed to me from God daily..He stinkin’ died on a cross for me.
First enemy: ummmmmm…i dont know
First big trip: hilton head when i was 3 (i turned 4 down there)
Last big car ride: umm..atlanta this summer
Last kiss: prolly from my mom haha
Last good cry: not sure..
Last library book: some stupid s.a.t. book
Last movie: christmas vacation
Last beverage consumed: sunny delight
Last food eaten: chicken nuggets and waffle fries..mmm
Last crush: shutup
Last phone call: calling my dad from the hallway at church telling him that we knew the tornado was headed for us and we were huddled in a hallway..haha
Last tv show: i was just watching the news about the tornado..and this reporter lady was talking and this huge gust came and blew her hair all in her face and she couldn’t talk..and she like blew away.  haha it was really funny.
Last shower: this morning
Last shoes: my brown ones
Last cd played: mae – destination:beautiful
Last item bought: i really don’t know..some kind of food probably
Last annoyance: this computer
Last soda: sprite
Last ice cream: wow i donevenoh..i dont really like ice cream
Last time scolded: tonight
Last shirt worn: i’m wearing a t-shirt from my church’s annual 5-k run

[ current clothes ]  that and flannel pants…mmm theyre comfortable
[ current mood ] tired
[ current music ] mae
[ current taste ]  teddy grahams
[ current hair ] messy
[ current annoyance ] school
[ current smell ] teddy grahams
[ current thing I ought to be doing ] sleeping
[ current desktop picture ] me dressed up as a girl when i was 4..ahaha
[ current favorite group] after fif..i’d say switchfoot, copeland, mae, blindside, number one gun, cool hand luke, further seems forever..and chris tomlin
[ current book you’re reading] the Bible
[ current CD in CD player] mae..i’ve answered this like 40 times..
[ current color of toenails ] skin colored. hahaha “we match because our skin is both skin-colored.”
[ current refreshment ] teddy grahams
[ current worry ] eh..the usual

Last person
[ you touched ] my mom
[you talked to ] in dad, online..jeremy and val
[ you hugged ] mom
[ you instant messaged ] oh..see above
[ you yelled at ] zac..i was joking though
[ you kissed ] prolly my mom

[ food ] tacoes
[ drink ] sunny delight
[ color ] red
[ album ] hmm..the beautiful letdown by switchfoot.. or any fif cd
[ shoes ] my navy pumas..but theyre falling apart
[ candy ] mmm redvines
[ animal ] dogs
[ TV show ] full house or saved by the bell or alex mack or hey dude or boy meets world
[ movie ] dumb and dumber or goonies or newsies or the list will go on forever
[ dance ] i haven’t skanked in a long time
[ song ] “every new day” -fif
[ vegetable ] potatoes
[ fruit ] bananas and oranges
[ cartoon ] homestar runner

are you
[ understanding ] usually
[ open-minded ] sometimes..not when it comes to Christianity though
[ arrogant ] no
[ interesting ] mmm..i’d like to think so..?
[ random] oh yes…random is my middle name.
[ hungry ] nah
[ friendly ] yep..sometimes people think i don’t like them at first..but i just don’t open up much to people i don’t know i guess.  i always feel bad.
[ smart ] depends i guess
[ moody ] rarely..but everyone has their moments i guess
[ childish ] i can be
[ independent ] hmm..i love being around people a lot..but i have to have my space or i go insane
[ hard working ] i try
[ organized ] eh
[ healthy ] hah, i wish
[ emotionally stable yeah
[ shy ]
people think i am at first..but no.
[ difficult ] hmm..not intentionally
[ attractive ] mmm you tell me
[ bored easily ] yes..why else would i fill these out?
[ messy ] i can be
[ thirsty ] yep
[ responsible ] i try to be
[ obsessed ] eh, no
[ angry ] nope
[ sad ] sometimes
[ happy ] usually
[ hyper ] i have my moments
[ trusting ] yes
[ talkative ] people that don’t know me wouldn’t guess it..but yes
[ legal ] yes

who do you want to
[ kill ] nobody!
[ slap ] lots of people..
[ get really wasted with ] never.
[ get high with ] never.
[ tickle] my little cousins
[ kiss ] nobody at the moment
[ look like ] brandon schmidt
[ talk to offline ] whoever
[ talk to online ] whoever


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