if you don’t wanna be grossed out, then don’t read on..

i warned you.


but yeah, today i was sitting in english, first period, totally fine.. until out of nowhere i start getting really dizzy…everything gets blurry…i start sweating.. and so i’m like “uh i need to use the restroom” and run out of the room..and as soon as i got out i definitely vomitted up a bunch of snot all over. it looked like orange juice.. but yeah..all i’ve consumed today is water. and i didn’t realize i could have so much snot inside of me, but yeah.  it was probably the grossest experience of my life.

and here i am.  missing school again, after not even getting caught up yet from last week.  ahhh when will it end..

hopefully i’ll be at church tonight still..but i was just informed by my mom that i’m not doing anything after…so sorry everyone that i would’ve seen..

i love mae. i really do.  everyone should go buy “destination: beautiful”.   and if you don’t like it at first, it’ll grow on you like a fungus.  lately i’ve been getting a cd that i’m addicted to for an entire week, then i move on.  last week was cool hand luke. this week mae. 

i feel like i should go back to school..i’ve felt fine ever since i threw up.  but my mom called and they said i should just stay home.  i’m going to the doctor in a little bit. 

dag, yo.

->hi, my name is brandon and i don’t enjoy being home sick when i’m not really sick and i don’t wanna be home.
listening to: mae

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