i finally made it through the week…i haven’t really felt sick all week, but the whole coughing thing’s really gotten on my nerves.  i hope it stops soon.  I’m just glad i got caught up again in school and was finally able to sleep last night.  i miss being able to breathe..and sing..and not cough. 

wednesday night we almost got hit by a tornado..but that was okay.  we had to stop trans4m and stuff, so that was kinda disappointing.  i just really needed it that night.  thursday i went around and looked at malone a little bit and then went to the first meeting for the northeast ohio church of God student leaders.  that was fun.. and then last night larry and lisaG got me..we got jifford..then adventured to the village of mogadore to get k.tea..went to chapel hill..taco bell..vals house.. and yeah.  i love those kids this much: [——————————————]. actually a lot more than that..but yeah.  we danced a lot to outkast and raze. listened to amy grant and some other amazing bands.. saw mafia man WITHOUT HIS GLASSES.. sang praise and worship songs to people on the phone.. and pretended we were really death. ’cause we are.  mmm..yeah.  i’m gonna stop now.


->hi, my name is brandon and my head hurts.
listening to: blindside ..go listen to a new song by them at blindsideonline.com


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