that’s the only word that really describes today.  i’m not sure why.  i’ve just felt really out of it today.  i have some bad feeling about something, and i don’t know what it is or why i have it.  but prayer’s appreciated.

It’s a beautiful pain
When Your grace shines and touches my face
I know Your love
I’ve heard it sung a thousand times before
But still I cry for more
Surrender to my Lord

And tonight and the rest of my life
I want to live for You
Still I cry for You

Still I cry out for You

I stay completely quiet
I’m determined to rest in Your strength

But still I cry for more
Surrender to my Lord

->hi, my name is brandon and i need to snap out of it.
listening to: larue


4 thoughts on “

  1. oh man- i read your last post and it was totally what im feeling. i was filled with hope- now im numb with pain. man i dont feel the peace that you have about FIF…i have to tell you about it.


  2. odd enough I had that same feeling yesterday, i felt so disconnected from everything and everyone I came in contact with. I still have yet to figure out what it was all about, but I can’t pay attention to anything again today, so hopefully we can figure this out lol. ttyl


  3. That’s alright. I hope you enjoyed the Narcissus show. They’re an awesome band.
    You should play at the Java House’s open mic sometime in the future. There was a decent size crowd Saturday night.


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