hmm..i don’t have anything to write about.  this week’s been going so slowly, but it’s been good.  nothing’s happened worth writing about.  i have to miss trans4m tonight, which is really sad.. especially since it’s because of the induction ceremony for national art honor society.  haha we have to say this pledge that’s like “i promise to color the world beautiful for all living things” or something.  i can’t say it without cracking up.  val’s in it too and hopefully we’re meeting jaydee and going to taco bell to see people afterwards.  and tomorrow night i get to get together with dustin and josh and maybe jeremy again to make music.  which makes me really excited.  i’ve been slacking on my devotions, and things don’t go my way when that happens.  and yeah..i don’t like getting behind.  i’m gonna go play piano.

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m eating pasta-in-a-minute.
listening to: happy christmas vol. 1: o holy night – seven day Jesus


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  1. YOU STINKER!!!!! i brought my cones and my camera w/ the kitty video lol. that’s ok i’ll bring em friday. um hey i talked to denise and if u didn’t make plans u can come babysit w/ me if ya still want to!!!! so call me tomorrow or something and let me know!!!! tty then byebye


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