i made it through the week.  man, it’s just been a good one.  and this weekend is gonna be awesome too.  tonight i got to play with josh and dustin..and man.  God’s doing something.  He’s doing many things.  i’m so happy.

Jesus, i don’t deserve such a good life.  such amazing friends.  such an amazing family.  such good surroundings.  You’re doing so much in my life.  You’ve done so much, and i know what i’ve seen is nothing compared to what it will be.  but thank You.  here i am/ fall into me/ let me know that You’re everything.  yay. amen.

everyone read this..

unknown4sake: ..I am angry..
unknown4sake: I can’t stand this.
unknown4sake: No wonder non-Christians think we’re psycho.
unknown4sake: and stupid
unknown4sake: and no wonder they think what we live for isn’t real.
unknown4sake: look at the example.
unknown4sake: that we set.
unknown4sake: If we plan on being partial Christians, we should just not follow God period. Living with His heart, for the life He wants us to live, means giving up everything else.
unknown4sake: It can’t be gray
unknown4sake: it can’t be in the middle
unknown4sake: black and white
unknown4sake: one or the other
unknown4sake: people need to stop playing games.
unknown4sake: I need to stop playing games.
unknown4sake: Why can’t we all just stop playing this game.
unknown4sake: Of being Christians when things feel good, when we feel like it..
unknown4sake: Jesus wasn’t Jesus when He felt like it.
unknown4sake: He had compassion in him every moment of the day. He had love and sacrifice to his Father in him every moment of the day.
unknown4sake: It never stopped.
unknown4sake: Why can’t we be like that.

now go think about it.

->hi, my name is brandon and i love this life.
listening to: “o come o come emmanuel” -chasing furies


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  1. shes right! i said that to my friend the other day cus i was really mad about how she was acting and proclaming shes a christian and she said that i was wrong we can act however we want… i just walked away lol… im glad youre having a good week… could you rub some of it off on me cuz i had a TERRIBLE one… btw your post was at 11:11 did you make a wish


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