r.i.p. five iron frenzy.  it won’t set in for a while that they’re actually done.  but man.  it’s weird. i’m happy for whatever God’s leading them to next though. 

this weekend’s been good.  last night i hung out with a lot of people (val lisa chad jeremy james kt megan dave micah josh sam) and it was fun.  we went to the mall..then on a quest for the coldplay dvd/cd..then to friendly’s..then to lisa’s to watch the family guy.  it was fun to the max.  today i filled out applications, sat around, cleaned my room, and then decided to hang out with my family since i hadn’t in what seemed like forever.  we rented identity (i don’t reccomend it).  and then i watched tv and random Christmas movies on tv.  and here i am at 4am.  in a few hours i have to lead worship for the sunday morning service.. yikes.  and tomorrow night is my church’s big thanksgiving feast with more food than you could imagine and the big memory video of the past year.  oh man, i’m looking forward to that.

i am so happy and excited about so many things.  i haven’t been this happy in a while.  i can’t explain it.  and i don’t even know why.  but i think my feet are on the right path. and God is amazing in a way that no words could possibly do it justice. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i don’t ever want this to go away.
listening to: chris tomlin



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  1. hey buddy! hope you are continuing to enjoy your life! that’s so awesome how on fire you are…today was a long day! i’m sleepy so i’m going to bed! night night buddy!


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