First best friend: justin smith..i was 2
First real memory of something: crying on the merry go round when i was 2
First meaningful kiss: mmm yet to have it
First breakup: mmm yet to have it
First Job: yankee peddler …i made 80 bucks my first day and quit because my people in charge of me were so awful and scary..ahhh he was a scary mountain man that went on smoking breaks every 15 minutes and yelled at me for my one bathroom break and i couldn’t do anything right and his wife was so snotty and his son was a homosexual and just made me uncomfortable. ahhh.. and i had to cut onions and it made me cry.  (this was 4 years ago haha)
First screen name: supertone27 hahaha
First self-purchased album: audio adrenaline – bloom.  i was 9.
First funeral: my grandpa’s
First pet: either fish or our cat molly..she hated me becaus i tormented her..out of love
First credit card: nope
First true love: the only true love i’ve found so far is from Jesus Christ
First enemy: i don’t think i’ve had enemies
First big trip: hmm..hilton head when i was 4
Last big car ride: hmm… i dont even know.  when i went to anderson in september probably
Last kiss: my dog haha
Last good cry: hmm..i was in tears listening to worship music the other night in bed
Last library book: i got some s.a.t. books the other day..blahh. and the “she said yes” book ’cause i never read it like i wanted to years ago
Last movie: identity
Last beverage consumed: sunny delight
Last food eaten: pretzels and peanut butter..mmmm
Last phone call: my mom i think
Last tv show: i’m watching the news and they just said “MICHAEL JACKSON’S MOB CONNECTIONS! AFTER THE BREAK!” hahaha
Last shower: this morning
Last shoes: i got shoes at a.e. tonight for 10 bucks that ive wanted forever and they used to be 48 bucks.  i’m cool.
Last cd played: hmm..i havent listened to anything since i listened to copeland in fye and cried that i didnt have enough money.  well i didn’t cry but yeah.
Last item bought: shoes
Last annoyance: my computer.
Last soda: cherry coke at chick fil-a
Last ice cream: wow a long time ago..actually it was when dustin and i got it in the drive thru at mcdonalds.  “is it cheaper to get it to go? ’cause i don’t really wanna stay”  “all items in the drive thru are to go, sir”  “oh..well i’d like two vanilla cones and an application.. how much do applications cost?” “applications are free, sir.”  “oh”  … “um i ordered an application”  “we require you to come in and get them sir”  “..oh”
Last time scolded: tonight for not practicing s.a.t. stuff
Last shirt worn: i’m wearing a gray fif hoodie and a t-shirt

[ current clothes ] jeans, socks, a t-shirt, fif hoodie
[ current mood ] happy and excited and in awe of God
[ current music ] im watching the news and they’re distorting everybody’s voice and i’m cracking up at it..’cause it’s like a serious cover story.
[ current taste ] nothing
[ current hair ] umm it’s wavy to the max for some reason
[ current annoyance ] the fact that school is in 7 1/2 hours
[ current smell ] mmmm nothing really
[ current thing I ought to be doing ] studying
[ current desktop picture ] this picture of the sky i took the other day
[ current favorite group] r.i.p. five iron frenzy.  i think now it’s switchfoot and copeland and bleach and further seems forever and blindside and chris tomlin’s band
[ current book you’re reading] hamlet for english class
[ current CD in CD player] blindside, happy christmas 2, larue
[ current color of toenails ] skin colored..hahaha micah and lisa and val
[ current refreshment ] mmm sunny delight
[ current worry ] nothing too big right now

Last person
[ you touched ] my dad
[you talked to ] my mom
[ you hugged ] my mom
[ you instant messaged ] dustin
[ you yelled at ] hmm…i dont remember
[ you kissed ] arrrrg 3rd time asking this. 

[ food ] chicken and tacos and bread and noodles and pizza..mmm
[ drink ] cherry coke and sunny delight
[ color ] red
[ album ] any fif album..or the beautiful letdown by switchfoot
[ shoes ] my new ones yay
[ candy ] sour patch kids and redvines
[ animal ] dogs
[ TV show ] hmm..i watch too much
[ movie ] dumb and dumber and goonies and newsies and billy madison and home alone
[ dance ] hmmm
[ song ] every new day – fif
[ vegetable ] potatoes
[ fruit ] bananas and oranges
[ cartoon ] homestar runner.

wow i filled this out recently and just realized

Are you
[ understanding ] i think so
[ open-minded ] usually..unless it goes against my relationship with Jesus
[ arrogant ] no
[ interesting ] i hope so
[ random] the doves fly over the oak tree at midnight.
[ hungry ] nope
[ friendly ] i honestly always try to be.. but for some reason sometimes people don’t get that feeling when they first meet me
[ smart ] i got “honor roll with a star” today.  haha i think it means i got a 4.0
[ moody ] nah..but everyone has their moments.
[ childish ] i can be.
[ independent ] girl i didnt know you could get down like that.. charlie, how yo’ angels get down like that.
[ hard working ] depends on what i’m working at
[ organized ] hmm..occasionally
[ healthy ] gettin there
[ emotionally stable] NO. SHOOT ME NOW. WAAAH.
[ shy ] people think i am..i guess it just depends who i’m around..but usually, no.
[ difficult ] i hope not.
[ attractive ] watch out
[ bored easily ] yes.  and obviously so is everyone who’s reading this
[ messy ] sometimes
[ thirsty ] no
[ responsible ] i try to be
[ obsessed ] umm
[ angry ] no
[ sad ] no
[ happy ] YES!
[ hyper ] nah not right now
[ trusting ] i think
[ talkative ] usually
[ legal ] sure

Who do you want to
[ kill ] nobodyyy
[ slap ] joe momma, angie daddy… ooh snap.
[ get really wasted with ] nobody.  blah.
[ get high with ] nobody.  blah.
[ tickle] my little cousins
[ kiss ] mmm i dont have the urge for that at this moment
[ look like ] ive been told by several people i’m a scrawny tom welling.  but i don’t see it at all. and jason says i look like tyson from the all american rejects.  but yeah..don’t see it.
[ talk to offline ] lottts of people
[ talk to online ] hmmm i dunno

i waste too much of my life filling these out. haha..g’night


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