everyone should read this and this.  they have some good things to say.

i ❤ thanksgiving vacation.  oh man i’ve never typed ❤ before.  i feel dumb. 

last night i sat around my house waiting for nothing i guess..and then i went to jaydee’s game with k.tea and maygunne, and then went to taco bell and found lisa and chad and val and dave there.  my tacos made me sick..but oh well.  they were grood.

today i got up and went to church and met dustin and josh and jeremy and we practiced..and it was fun..and i’m excited..and God is wonderful..and wow. yay. 

all i’ve eaten is a pop tart.  i’m writing on an empty stomach.  thats why this post is so dumb.

->hi, my name is brandon and my stomach’s growling.
listening to: further seems forever


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