the end of my vacation’s approaching fast, and i don’t think i like it.

indiana was pretty good.. boring at times, fun at other times.. lots of home alone, scrabble, people telling me i’m tall, boredom from football, shopping, turkey, more turkey, and the likes..  it was good to be back though.

last night was greatness..i felt like a 12 year old, but i don’t really care.  terrance, hannahanaha, k.tea, jadie, vaLarry, sara(steak), kelley(mokey), nate, and his brother played at the mall for over 2 hours or something doing nothing but playing with people.  i can’t describe it, ’cause nothing would be funny..but oh man.  i haven’t laughed so hard in so long.  val and sara’s mom is a man.  jadie broke up with his girlfriend on his hands and knees.  sara couldn’t get reception.  terry’s in a band.  and i’ll stop now.  we saw jme and fallon and josh and sam too.. then we went to borders and played with steak and teen girl squad and everybody poops.  and then we went to perkins and made fun of strippers and cootie catchers.  man i’m just gonna stop. 

church was good today..jadie came, and that made me happy.. then red robin..that was good.. we got our christmas tree.. it’s fat and i rock around it.  and now i’m going to church and hopefully something fun after that. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i just saw the coolest sunset i’ve ever seen.  God makes the most beautiful things.
listening to: five iron frenzy – gotta get up



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  1. i bet my sunset was cooler that day… I WATCHED IT SET OVER THE OCEAN!!!!!!!!!! wow it was amazing! i was thinking… how could someone see this and just not believe in God… like whats wrong with their brain????


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