man.  i love my friends.  all of you.  i’m so overwhelmed by the fact that God has put such cool kids in my life that i thought i should dedicate a post to it.  whether i’ve known you for years or weeks, i love you all.  and for those that i’ve gotten close to over the past few months.. you’ve helped me far more than you might ever know.  especially a certain several of you..i think you know who you are.  i just wanted to let you all know you’re all wonderful to the max.


okay bye.

..ahh so many other good things too.  i’m gonna go to bed though.


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  1. heh. I know I’ve said it before, but here we go once more. Thank you for your heart and your passion for the Lord that even radiates through your friendship. There’s so much I’ve learned in these past months that I could not have learned without you. There are countless nights were things sucked terribly, that were made into good by the Lord completely working through you. I love ya.


  2. crap i definately had a really nice post and my computer ate it. ok here i go again…
    thanks so much for being such and awesome friend, you have guided me through alot and have helped me with way too much. i appreciate you for being not only my twin but my role model, friend, counselor through rough times. you good sir truely rock out. thanks for everything you do, and that includes having the same silly sense of humor as me and laughing at dumb stuff all the time!!


  3. brandy you are my #1 bro. you rock out and im soo glad we are friends. i love you man! O SO MUCH! thanks for being there for me when i’ve needed ya, just altogether i give you a 10 for being a supa friend.
    ps. i know God is gonna use you even more throughout life. so keep with Him always bro. i know ya will…


  4. brandon, you are so cool.  i was going through a really tough time, and then i met some really awesome people, and you are included in that group of “some really awesome people.”  so thanks.  you make me laugh a lot.  sometimes too much.  but then again is there such thing as too much laughter?  it’s been awesome seeing God work through friendships such as yours, i look up to you as my brother in Christ. 
    byebeefsteak :]


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