my current life summed up into 6 words:

Jesus. family. friends. music. art. Christmas.

hmm..yeah.  my family and friends are awesome and i’m realizing more and more daily how lucky i am to be surrounded with them.  and Christmas.  oh man.  the joy it brings me.  and art.. i have an 8 piece portfolio to submit to scholastics by Christmas time.. and i have 3 big projects i’m doing in portfolio class.  ahhh.  and music.  which is so great.  preparing music for wednesday nights.. writing a song to play on the 14th in church..writing a song to play in our Christmas program on the 21st.. writing a song to play on Christmas eve.. writing stuff for the new band (yay to the max once again).. and trying to get stuff for Christmas presents and a favor for hannahanah.  and it’s all tied together by Jesus, whose blessings never stop pouring down on top of me.  I don’t deserve it.. but wow.  even when i feel upset or sad because of something, it’s only because of my human flesh getting in the way of what’s really important and happening beyond what i can see.  we’re told in the Bible to be joyful always, and i think i need to strive for this more and more.  yeah buddy.  i’m done for now.

->hi, my name is brandon and all is well.
listening to: happy Christmas vol. 1: switchfoot – evergreen

Make you want to dance:  the hey yeah song.. and Christmas music
Make you happy: read the above post
Make you sad:  people who are oblivious to God
Make you laugh: what doesn’t make me laugh..?
You never want to hear again: any song by eminem
You sheepishly admit to liking: christmas tv movies.. shhh.
You’d do anything to see played live: five iron frenzy.. sigh. r.i.p.
Reminds you of your childhood: nickelodeon and 11th street Church of God
Is best played in the car: destinys child..ahaha.  or the hey yeah song.  or.. carman yo! kidz.. or anything else that’s stupid in a funny way.
Is best to hold hands to: uh.. prayer. haha
You like to fall asleep to: cool hand luke, larue, justin mcroberts, copeland, chris tomlin
You like to wake up to: the benjamin gate, larue, blindside, bleach, chris tomlin, further seems forever
You can sing really well: mm..i dont know
You love that is instrumental: i cant think of any instrumental songs.. hmm.  i like listening to the piano.  mmm.


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