man every day this week ive been gone from 6:30am until about 10pm.  i’m tired.  but it’s friday, and we’re getting a blizzard, and man, that’s exciting.

school today made me happy..i don’t know why.

i hit my head twice really hard on the corner of the tv stand that hangs from the ceiling last night while decorating the tree in the youth room…today i did it again on the tv stand in one of the art rooms.  and then smacked myself in the face with this board i was drawing on.  don’t even ask. hahah

then i went downtown to finish our turtle doves painting.. go to home appliance on erie street by fuelmart and the rec center in downtown massillon and see it.  it’s beautiful if i do say so myself.  (it’s for some competition that my portfolio class had to be in..)

then i went to church for practice.. ahh it was cool.  we got another song down.. so that’s 4.  and i can’t get them out of my head.  josh had to leave early, and dustin and i just hung out for awhile, and it was fun.  God is so amazing, and the things He’s doing in my life are so exciting and awesome in so many ways.  ahh…

then dustin and i listened to love songs in the car.  they’re so amazing. ahaha psyche

then i came home and watched charlie brown Christmas while i ate dinner at 10:30.  he’s so emo..i always used to want to give him a hug.  man, i still do. 

so yeah, my life is awesome.  i just don’t deserve this. 

[if you guys could pray for me saturday morning while i take the s.a.t., that’d be really really cool of you..’cause this kinda depends on whether i get to go where i want for college or not.]

and thank you sarah d for the stuff you said feels good. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i want a snowday.
to: my amy grant Christmas cassette tape.  yeah, watch out.. a tender tennessee Christmas is the only Christmas for me.



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