have i stressed how much i love Christmas season?  because yeah.. it keeps getting better.  i have no money..but i think i’ve got all my presents planned out.  i’m the king of i’m-gonna-make-you-a-present-and-you’re-gonna-like-it.  at least in my family.. i make my mom cry a lot (tears of joy, haha).

i just realized how tired i am.. i don’t sleep anymore. ever.  i was gone all day and night every day this week, and it hasn’t stopped yet..and i don’t think it’s going to for a few weeks.  but i think i like it this way.  yeah, i do.  

the s.a.t.’s weren’t bad.

i’m gonna go decorate more and play in the snow or something.  my mom made me help her pick out a bunch of decorations after i took my test today.  so yeah.  i wanna play in the snow too.. i thought i was going sledriding, but who knows i guess.  and tonight should be fun.  oh man..i love my life right now.  Thank You, Jesus. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i hope you’re having a good saturday.
listening to: viva voce – God rest ye merry gentlemen



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  1. doesnt everyone just want to marry brandon? i mean seriously… b.c we are all in awe of his music too …
    but no… its been fun hanging out… see ya wednesday at youth


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