aright so i just took my dog for a walk..and man.  it is SO amazing outside right now.  all the snow makes me giddy like a 4 year old girl or something.  and the Christmas lights.  and it’s not even that cold outside.  ahh.

it took me about 4 hours to go to applebees tonight with jon and jess and carrie..haha, it was fun though.  then i stayed home and helped my mom decorate more and then we watched a movie.  oh and i wrapped presents.  Christmas rocks like a grandma in a glider chair.

i have the s.a.t. in about 8 hours..and my score pretty much decides my future education.  so prayers are appreciated..

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m warning you to be careful of yellow snow.
listening to: cool hand luke



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  1. hey, let me know if you’re free january 31. you can have as much time to perform as you like (at the Java House).
    sarah will be upset if you miss her birthday! she’ll be EMO.  :/


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