wow i thought i hadn’t written in here forever..but it’s been like 2 days. 

saturday night i went to zoolights with hannah and jadie and melissa and jj.. and it was lots of fun.  i love anything Christmas.  then we went to denny’s (and it didn’t reek like butt and cigarettes, so i was excited)..and then we went to hannahs and played in the snow.  jadie and hannah are official. awwww.  i expect special recognition at the wedding for introducing them.

sunday, i went to church.. and the sermon was really cool.  i love our pastor so i look forward to his sermons every week now.  and then i went to el camps and shopping with my mom and sister.. and that was that.  christmas vacation was on last night, so that was exciting. 

today i went to school and drifted through the day being completely tired.. then josh and dustin came over, and we went and practiced for several hours.  it went really well..and we got another new song.  and i’m oh so excited for all that God’s doing in this. 

and that’s that.  my head hurts so bad.. i just need sleep. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m excited to see copeland on fridayyy!
listening to: david crowder


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