{edit} ..i think everyone should now make the spelling of went with an apostrophe and be cool like me. it is now “wen’t”. bye.

ahh today has seemed long.  i like when that happens though..i don’t feel like my life is flying by and being wasted. school went pretty fast though.  i came home and slept..and i felt rested for the first time in weeks.  that was nice.  then val and i went to the mall and got copeland tickets.. then to the exchange.. and i came back and played guitar for a long time.  i love being home alone..haha.  and i put up christmas lights and surprised my parents when they got home. 

tomorrow’s trans4m, and i’m really excited about it for some reason.  i think God’s gonna do really cool things.  you should all come..

@ forty corners church of God
3474 beaumont avenue, massillon, OH 44647
(3 mi. north of downtown massillon on rt 21)

i think i’ve been putting in the least amount of time into schoolwork this year, and i’m getting the best grades.  and my art stuff is coming out better than ever, but it’s not stressful at all like it seems to be to the rest of the kids in my classes.  God’s taking such good care of me.  sometimes i honestly don’t know how i get everything done, but i always do.  yay.  my life is seriously just great.  i don’t have anything to complain about (except for gay petty things that i always have to stop myself from doing).  but oh well.  Jesus. friends. family. the band. church. youth group. Christmas.  even school. yay! this post doesn’t really have any point to it.  but that’s okay.

[ these hands, what can they make for You?
these feet, where can they run for You?
this voice, what can it sing for You?
this life, what can it do for You?

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m going to bed.
listening to: some Christmas special on tv

8 thoughts on “

  1. Brandini.
    It’s been such an encouragement and pleasure to see everything fall into place in your life.. I remember back to the stalker days, and seeing this uneasyness in you, and now to see this, and to see this security that has grown on you.. it’s baffling.


  2. Hey brandon, I just met u and yet ur so happy with life! Im so happy for you man, and i hope everything stays the way its going for you, you seem so happy…and u deserve it! C-ya tomorrow at trans4m. I cant wait im excited for it to!


  3. haha, yup i’m fine..but that’s just what bordem at school does to you when you’re sitting in the vending machine room for 2 and 1/2 hours between classes and there’s a shadow of a tree on the wall…haha


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