yay for another good day.. school went fast, and i enjoyed it.  i went to the art club party and ate a bunch of food..then i came home and slept, woke up to my parents both yelling at me like crazy.  i went and got my hair cut..that was okay.  it always feels good.  then i went to church to practice, but josh had to go home, so dustin and i just hung out for a while playing around and talking and praying and having fun..and then we went to the mall and ate chick fil-a and played the keyboard in radio shack.  hah i seriously had so much fun, i don’t know why. 

tomorrow… friends + copeland + cleveland at Christmas time = me + excitement.

i really can’t wait until 1:45pm tomorrow (today).

hey..what do you guys think of Hawthorn(e) for a band name..

it’s named after a flower, which represents a longing to grow and blossom in our relationships with God and His will in us.. hawthorn means hope and the e stands for everlasting.  tellllll me. 

->hi, my name is brandon and i’m one happy kid.
listening to: coldplay


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