i just read a million xangas that talked about last night..so i think the majority of you probably know what i did.  but i’ll tell you anyways. haha

dustin picked me up and we got allison and went to guitar center and played around with stuff.. i found a guitar i really like, but i don’t know yet.  man guitar center is so fun.  i wish i had a couple thousand bucks.  thennn we went to wendys and to the show.  there were lots of kids there that made me happy..i’d list them all but i don’t have time.  but if you were there, and i talked to you, it was great seeing you. haha ..i didnt care about any of the bands except for copeland, whose music i adore.  i don’t know why..it just makes me happy.  watching those guys playing just makes me smile.   i kinda liked the seeing in plain view or whatever band..until the f bomb was dropped a few times and some other stuff that made me think “wow you’re dumb.”  but the music wasn’t bad.  and then….we went to public square.  and wow, you should’ve seen me and dustin.  like 3 year old girls on crack.  or something..haha..  and then.. “look at the horse!”  “you can ride it!”  “lets do ittttt!”  and so yeah..dustin and allison and i rode on a horse and buggy around christmas lights in downtown canton.  oh, the fun.  then we were supposed to meet people at waffle house but they forgot or something and decided they didn’t want to..ah well.  this post is long and stupid, but last night was fun.  arighty bye..  


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