so trans4m was tonight, and let me just say..yay.  i just had a peace about everything and could totally sense God’s presense.  i don’t know if everyone else felt that way, but to me, for sure.  jaymey and fuellalalalon and courtknee came, and that was cool.  i hope they liked it and wanna come back.  not just ’cause it’d be cool, but so that it might be place for them to feel like they can come and get fed.  (and if you guys are reading this.. thanks for coming..)  isaiah made me feel really good tonight too.  it’s good to be reminded and thanked for things, especially when you don’t even realize how much of an impact you might be making in somebody’s life.  i just want you all to know that i’m here for you and that i love you all.  honestly. 

in other news.. after that me/jadie/misterjj/fuelalalaon/courtknee/hananahan/seruhdee went to taco bell..i ate a taco shell with some beans and onions, and now i feel really sick.  i dunno if it’s that or if it’s the same thing i’ve had for a few days now, but yeah.  i must stay healthy.

please pray for me too..the next two days will be highly stressful between me and school.  but then it’s Christmas.  oh, the joy..

i wanted to make snow angels tonight.  but i got too cold.  but soon i will make snowmen and go down hills on sleds and make snowballs.  i can’t believe i haven’t yet.  what’s wrong with me?

->hi, my name is brandon and you is cuhraaazy.
listening to: happy christmas vol. 3



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  1. hey there branwanananladon or something like that.
    last night was so much fun! I really enjoyed going to your group — it was a nice change. I do believe that I will return. 🙂 Thank you for iniviting me.
    Taco Bell was a blast too. I saw you in the hallway today and was going to say something in our new language but I was way too tired. And I wasnt sure if you would even remember that we have a new language so I didnt want you to look at me funny and call me crazy. Hah.
    Well, I suppose I will see you when I pass you in the hallway.


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